Camino de Santiago Blogs

Camino de Santiago Blogs

Our “Virtual” Camino, 2021

We’re off again! Dave and I have become such Camino addicts over the last five years, that doing even a “virtual” Camino fills us with excitement that’s hard to contain. For fun and a little extra motivation to get out there and walk during and in spite of the pandemic, we registered for the “Camino for Good,” a virtual 780 km walk along the ancient Camino Frances pilgrimage route from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

About Our Virtual Camino: Our Virtual Camino
SJPDP to Burgos: Virtual Camino Part 1 (1/15/21 – 2/17/21)
Burgos to Leon: Virtual Camino Part 2 (2/18/21 – 3/7/21)
Leon to Santiago de Compostela: Virtual Camino Part 3 (3/8/21 – 4/11/21)
Santiago to Fisterra: Virtual Camino de la Fisterra (4/13/21 – 4/22/21)
SJPDP to Burgos: Stay Home COVID Camino: Part 1. (4/24/21 – 5/30/21)
Burgos to Leon: Stay Home COVID Camino: Part 2 (6/1/21 – 6/13/21)

Three Caminos in One, 2019

Many Camino routes end up in Santiago de Compostela. Which one shall we walk? After months of indecision, which included whether Dave would come at all, we finally came up with a plan. Here is how our plan evolved.

This second Camino was a mix of three different Caminos, solo along sections of the Camino Frances (Judy for sixteen days) and Camino del Norte (Dave for two days). Together we continued along the Camino del Norte for four more days, took three days “off” the Camino as we made our way to Oviedo by bus, stopping in Guernika and Bilbao. We then took nineteen days to walk all of the Camino Primitivo. Daily posts began on April 18, 2019. Here is how our second journey transpired.

Our 2015 Camino Frances Journey

Dave and I first walked the Camino Frances together in autumn of 2015. We left St. Jean Pied de Port in southern France on my 70th birthday, September 10th. What a way to celebrate a new decade! We arrived in Santiago de Compostela fifty days later on October 29th, walking approximately 16 km per day with the shortest day being about 8 km and the longest, 32 km. No blisters, just lots of good memories and pictures. To read about our experience, visit The Camino Françes, Fall 2015 blog.

Orisson – Camino Frances
Puente de Arres – Camino Frances
Pamplona – Camino Frances
Pamplona – Camino Frances
Puente la Reina to Estella – Camino Frances
Monjardin to Los Arcos – Camino Frances
Granon – Camino Frances
Burgos – Camino Frances