Day 10: Viana to Logrono

Day 10: Viana to Logrono

Today’s distance: 10.2 km
Total distance: 174.9 km
Elevation gain: 156 metres
Weather: Blue skies; cool
Highlight: Lesley!


After meeting Lesley this morning, I didn’t notice my sore feet quite so much. I might have even picked up the cadence. Lesley was behind me until I stopped to take off my jacket. When she caught up with me, she asked where I am from. She guessed that I was Canadian from Victoria because we have the same buffs acquired through the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. She lives in the Fernwood area. We made an instant connection and walked the rest of the way into Logrono together.

Entering Logrono

We found our way to a cafe in Logrono’s city centre where we had an early lunch of tortilla and cafe con leche and exchanged contact numbers so we can get together at home. I may not see her along the way since my feet are slowing me down and she was heading for Navarette today while I am staying in Logrono.

I was aiming for the Check In Rioja Albergue in Logrono but it was already completo so I am at the Municipal Albergue where there are 24 beds in my room. I am in a top bunk with loads of head room – always appreciated. It is a corner room with windows on two sides so it is bright and airy. This albergue is the cheapest one yet at only 7 Euros.

The kitchen is well organized, clean, and has a balcony. There is also a large patio with drying racks, lots of seating and a dispensing machine. The cerveza hit the spot as I watch the men hanging their wash.

The only downside is the showers. There are four tiny showers in a bathroom for both sexes with clear glass doors and an open area to dry off and get dressed. Being a reserved Canadian, a foot bath is all I need. It was a short walking day anyway and I heard that the water was rather chilly.

Right now I am wondering if the nearby church bells will ring all night. I am sitting on the patio here at the albergue and looking straight up at the bell tower.

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Viana to Logrono

  1. Hi Judy
    Your poor toes. Hope you get a solution quickly.
    Still, the pictures are awesome and the tortillas make me
    Short days sound a plan… never know where or what a change can
    bring you… some other magic perhaps.
    Love you courageous Peregrine!!!!
    PS If I were enjoying those views with you, my pace might just be slow enough to prevent those darn blisters!!!! What are friends for huh?

  2. How about that, meeting a pilgrim from Victoria. The fact you managed 10 km with less hurt should be a good sign. Bonnie is right. It takes energy to generate blisters. Less energy should save the day.
    I checked with Virgin and you owe them nothing. So, if you are using data, it must be free. Doesn’t appear that you need a sim card if you are satisfied with we-fe.
    It seems to be quiet in Logrono. No festival this time.

    1. No festival here in Logrono, but everybody was out and about on the spacious pedestrian-only areas last evening. Cafes were full to the brim. I got lost and was afraid they would close the albergue doors before I got back. It tood three Spanish helpers to find my way back in time. Quite an adventure. I love Logrono now! And the people!

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