Day 15: Tosantos to Ages

Day 15: Tosantos to Ages

Today’s distance: 24.2 km
Total distance: 260.1 km.
Elevation gain: 597 metres
Weather: Mostly cloudy with showers; cool
Highlight: Music

Today started as a continuation of yesterday, with the sound of truck traffic from the busy highway. There was light rain, at least until about 11 AM.

Until I reached Villafranca Montes de Oca for breakfast, I continued my new activity of picking up litter. (Yes, I know I should get a life! LOL!)

Back on the road again, I stopped at the supermercado for antiseptic and more Compeed and commented to the clerk about the big trucks going through the village. She was quite animated in response saying, “Mucho, mucho!” The town straddles the noisy highway which cuts its way through the pass and runs parallel to the Camino.

After climbing the hill from Villafranca with the sprinkles of rain continuing, I decided listening to tunes might be a good way to enjoy the day. I have an eclectic mix on my favourites playlist: Louis Armstrong, Iz, Blue Rodeo, Jann Arden, etc., but what really got me picking up the cadence (as you can imagine) was Dirty Dancing and Alan Jackson’s Drive. When the music slowed down to Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up, I thought of my first Camino when that song stirred up thoughts of my sister, Carole. If she was still alive, would she want to walk the Camino with me? I bet she would!

After Villafranca the path climbs through mountains and with the changes in elevation came an abundance of primulas first followed by what looks like really big heather. Oh, and there was an abundance of those brown rocks that I was searching for on the way into Granon on Day 13. In this section the highway was distant and so there was finally some peace and quiet.

Tosantos to Ages
Tosantos to Ages

The track came down to the remote pilgrim village of St. John of the Nettle (San Juan de Ortega) a disciple of Santo Domingo, and then carried on to Ages where I am staying.

I am at El Pajar (the hay loft) in a room for ten people for 10 Euros. It was a tight squeeze to get five bunk beds in this little room as well as lockable cupboards, but the bathrooms are fine and comes with shower gel and a terry cloth towel which is a real treat. With those microfibre towels all you can do is blot yourself dry.

I wouldn’t give the 10 Euro meal at the albergue a four-star rating, but I enjoyed the company of Jim from Northern Ireland. He is walking his fifth Camino and taking his time. Even though he has been on the Camino Frances several times, it is always different.

10 thoughts on “Day 15: Tosantos to Ages

  1. Love your posts,pictures,and commentary. I especially note the elevation gain and daily distance. A wonderful, inspiring journey. Take care.

  2. Hi Judy
    Is that a hill I see?????
    Good job I’m not helping keep your pace Amiga.
    You’d have to drag me up there!!!
    You are an inspiration and I will keep training.
    Do you think the flat trails in Richmond work?
    Love that you are decluttering the Camino… now
    just don’t start organizing it with your amazing skills.
    Love you.

    1. Hi Bon! Yes, that’s a hill and just one of three. Do you see the little dots going up the other side? Pilgrims saying “Ultreia.”

  3. Hi Judy,
    Your blog doesn’t come to my inbox everyday but when it does I am happy to go back and catch up, read about your adventures and see your fantastic photos.
    Thank you for sharing it all.

    1. Hi Pat, I’m so happy to share the journey. I can’t post every day because of Internet problems and sometimes there are glitches in Word Press. I’m in Burgos now – just one day behind and heading to the beach by bus. More about that later… 🙂

  4. Hi Judy
    I got my first post of your journey today. Have bern too busy to notice that they were missing. Apparently I was unsuccessful signing up the first time. Kathryn helped me out. I already love being connected and will truly enjoy going back to catch up. I absolutely love doing the Camino with you.

    1. HI Sandy! Im’ glad to have you along. I noticed a few people didn’t confirm which is just to make sure the notifications don’t go into junk mail. Anyway, I hope you will get new notifications. The latest was just a few minutes ago: Burgos to San Sebastián.

  5. Hi Judy
    Enjoying your Camino dialogue and the pictures of the gorgeous countryside. You are roughing it and putting up with the bare essentials but I am sure the interesting people that you meet compensate for all of this.
    Go for my hip operation on the 18th of June – after the “op” maybe I will be fit enough
    to experience the Camino one of these days!
    Happy trekking and soon you will be meeting up with Dave.
    Hugs, arlene

    1. Hi Arlene! All the best for your hip operation on June 18th. You will then be able to go for a really long walk…….. 🙂

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