Day 2: Venta del Escamplero to Grado

Day 2: Venta del Escamplero to Grado

Distance Today: 15.5 km
Total Distance from Oviedo: 29.8 km.
Elevation Gain: 311 metres
Weather: Sunny/warm
Highlight: Morning Mist

The sunshine and morning mist created a magical atmosphere that makes me want to paint! We couldn’t stop taking pictures at every turn.

Venta del Escamplero to Grado
Venta del Escamplero to Grado

Today we walked mostly on quiet country roads and dirt tracks, but one busier road had us worried. With a guard rail and a steep embankment on one side and a rock cliff on the other, we couldn’t help but wonder where to leap if two cars were passing. Thank heavens the issue didn’t come up.

We passed through several tiny villages so close that a sign showing we were leaving one village and entering another were just a few paces apart. There were many more horreos on this route.

Just one of many horeos

At Penaflor we came to a Romanesque bridge. Because it was in a strategically significant location, it was the site of brutal clashes between the French and Spanish in the Peninsular War.

Romanesque bridge, Penaflor

We planned on walking to San Juan de Villapanada today which is 4.3 km further, but felt Grado was far enough, especially when I caught sight of the unusual looking “La Quintana Albergue.”

La Quintana Albergue, Grado

We checked in and are in a room for five for 12 Euros each. Dave grabbed the single bed that is off in a distant corner all by himself – a good thing because he has a cold with a cough. I am on a lower bunk with lots of head room which always makes me a happy camper.

Grado is bigger than what meets the eye. This is where we discovered the biggest supermercado with fully stocked shelves that we have ever seen on any Camino. We bought groceries for dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow, and almost bought the makings for a pot of soup at the albergue in Cornellana where we want to stay tomorrow. When Dave said, “You don’t want to carry all THAT do you?” I put it all back. 🙁

“Blogging Judy” at La Quintana Albergue, Grado

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Venta del Escamplero to Grado

  1. It is all going well so far. It’s a nuisance having a cold, Dave. I know you find it hard to resist cooking up a pot of soup, Judy …. so pleased that Dave intervened. The Quintana Albergue looks very impressive. Too bad you can’t stay longer but I know you have a schedule to follow. We look forward to your next post.
    Laurel and Norm

    1. Hi Laurel and Norm! Every day is a mini adventure and the next one will take us to a historic albergue several centuries old. Should be a highlight. It’s not far away but we’ll be starting to climb.

  2. So relieved that you two took a few days break not only to rest your weary feet, but to recharge. I’m not sure how you are doing what you’re doing- most impressive, incredible photos ( no wonder you want just paint what you see) , and delightful villages you’re introducing to me. Take good care of your feet, Judy. Marnie

    1. Hi Marnie! The three day break did wonders. Now that we are back on the trail it is little things like coffee breaks and sunshine that make the difference. Today we didn’t have coffee or sunshine but maybe the best is yet to come when we check into a 1000-year-old monastery! 🙂

  3. Bravo to Judy the Blogger! Love following along with you. The photos, words and fortitude are amazing. Take good care.

    1. Hi Marjorie, I’m glad you enjoy following the adventure. It’s great having someone as keen as you to tell the story to. By the way, you are right about that Alphonze the Chaste dude! Not bad!

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