Day 15: Lugo to Ferreira

Day 15: Lugo to Ferreira

Distance Today: 30.1 km
Total Distance from Oviedo: 269.5 km (All Trails)
Elevation Gain: 820 metres
Weather: Sunny; cool AM and warm PM
Highlight: Countdown

Distance from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

We followed the bronze shells through the Plaza Mayor, past the cathedral, and through the Puerta de Santiago to the outside of the Roman walls of Lugo and then promptly got lost. Directions from some locals helped us find our way to the Camino and finally we were on our way.

Leaving Lugo
Leaving Lugo

We walked on peaceful, paved roads for a little more than 13 km before the Camino led us onto generally flat, tree lined trails at first and then over hills and dales, through little villages, etc. Kilometres piled up quickly and we ended up with the grand total of 30.1 km for the day – the most on this Camino. I was surprised the elevation gain was as much as 820 metres!

Lugo to Ferreira
Lugo to Ferreira

The countdown has begun! We start recording our kilometres on the All Trails app when we leave our accommodation in the morning and stop the recording when we arrive at our next accommodation.

What a wonderful albergue we are staying at in Ferreira! We have a private room at no extra cost because it isn’t an official private room. We have a bunk bed as well as two single beds all to ourselves and the window overlooks the dining room. The total cost for accommodation, dinner, and breakfast at the Albergue Ponte Ferreira is 25 Euros each.

There was a delicious vegetarian communal dinner where we met fellow pilgrims from Holland, Colombia, Scotland, Spain, etc. The hospitaleros are from Holland and are dedicated to The Way. They follow the tradition of having everyone introduce themselves and give a name to their Camino – one word only. (This was done on the first day of my Camino Frances also.)

Dave named his Camino Educational and I named mine Freedom. It represents freedom from the mundane chores of everyday life, of course, but also freedom from planning and from knowing anything about the day: who you are going to meet; where you are going to sleep; what you are going to see; what is around the next corner. It truly is an adventure!

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Lugo to Ferreira

  1. Ahh!! I love the name idea. It really makes you think about the lessons along the way of which there are so many. But yes, to choose one each. I like them both, “Freedom” and “Educational”. I’m excited to hear all the details when you get home!


    1. Hi Tania! Yes, giving your Camino a name narrows down what it means to each person. “Freedom” was the first thing that popped into my head in Ferreira after walking for 35 days. 🚶😊

  2. “Leaving Lugo” Judy, you have to paint that scene… mystical
    Freedom and Educational exploration unlimited.
    Do you remember the record when our kids were small “Free to be You and Me???”
    Go for it you two.
    So used to the hard climbs, the elevation is nada now.
    Sending love. Be safe.

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