Day 18: Bebedeiro to Pedrouzo

Day 18: Bebedeiro to Pedrouzo

Distance Today: 18.0 km
Total Distance from Oviedo: 328.6 km (All Trails)
Elevation Gain: 425 metres
Weather: Sunny; warm/hot (33C)

One more day before we reach Santiago de Compostela! This is what our second to last day of walking the Camino Frances looked like. Lots of people and lots of signs (and graffiti!)…

Distance from Bebedeiro to Santiago de Compostela
Casa Tia Dolores bar

4 thoughts on “Day 18: Bebedeiro to Pedrouzo

  1. Hi you two
    OMG all that humanity.
    Good plan sending back pack ahead.
    Grumpy doesn’t last long… changing suffering?????
    You look pretty chill over those Cervezas.
    Santiago next stop then the end of the world. Love it.
    See you soon.
    Love B

    1. Hi Bon! The number of people on the Camino Frances now is crazy! It’s easy to get run over by cyclists who zoom by at high speed. It is like an amusement park. 🙁

  2. Hi Judy and Dave
    For some reason I only receive your posts once in a while. It’s been crazy busy here for me (mostly good crazy) but I forget to look for posts unless I’m reminded. I enjoy your story and your wonderful pictures so much that when I do get a reminder, it’s like sitting down with a favourite book. I hate to think of it ending.
    So sorry to hear about your back, Judy. Hope that not having to carry the pack brings relief. What amazing memories you will have to share with all of us at home.

    1. Hi Sandy. I wonder why you don’t always get the notifications about new posts. Maybe I signed you up and you didn’t sign yourself up. When you sign yourself up you get an email asking if this is what you want to do (verification). I’m so glad you enjoy our story. Thanks! Hasta la vista!

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