Camino 2022

Camino 2022

Dave and I cancelled plans to walk another Camino twice in the last two years – first because of the pandemic and second because of my health issue that came up last April. Everything is fine now, so we are geared up and excited to return to Spain in September. I am grateful for all the kind thoughts, prayers, and actions by caring friends and family. I know they had a lot to do with this positive outcome. 🙏 

We hope to arrive in Barcelona on September 6th, make a quick recovery from jet lag, and be off on an eight hour train trip to Leon a couple of days later. Leon is the starting point for the spectacular Camino San Salvador (Way of the Saviour). We have been warned not to be fooled by the short distance of this Camino because, although it is just 121 kilometers, the mountainous terrain will physically test most pilgrims. Usually this Camino is divided into five stages, but we will take an extra two days. Our seniors’ knees and legs will thank us if we manage to arrive in Oviedo in one piece because we’ll still have 307 kilometers to walk on the Camino del Norte from Aviles to Santiago for an October 5th arrival (hopefully).

Believe it or not, Dave and I have been training for this journey since January 15, 2021 when we joined the “Camino For Good” Virtual Camino. Since then we have averaged eight kilometres a day and logged the distance onto the CFG website. It’s been great exploring our own neighbourhood here on Southern Vancouver Island and at the same time virtually walking the Camino Frances, Camino del Norte, and Finisterre-Muxia multiple times, thanks to the “Reset” button. 😊 

My goal is to virtually reach Cruz de Ferro on the Camino Frances by the time we leave home on September 5th. Cruz de Ferro is where pilgrims pause to reconnect with the purpose of their journey before adding a stone or other token of love and blessing to the pile. Pickles’ Bluff in Dean Park will be my virtual Cruz de Ferro and where I’ll leave my rock.

A number of hiking trails, varying in degrees of difficulty wind through Dean Park and provide perfect training grounds for walking the Camino. It’s a favourite place to go for “forest bathing” on hot summer days. Here are some of our favourite photos taken in Dean Park throughout the seasons while walking the Virtual Camino for nineteen months. 👣 👣

Another one of my favourite local walks, especially on sunny days when it’s not too hot, is to Patricia Bay and around YYJ on the “Flight Path.” Here is a collection of photos of that route.

10 thoughts on “Camino 2022

  1. Love your blog and your writing on CFG too Judy.
    Your time has arrived and I feel excited for you as Anton and I leave for the Frances on the 15th September from Australia. We had planned the Madrid, Salvador, Primitivo in 2020 but decided on the Frances again because it is so beautiful and will be a different season to the last in 2016.
    We also did the full Norte 2018 and I well remember the junction to the Primitivo. A lady who lives in the house and who must have the little stall selling shells across the road came out and took a lovely pic of us, and I thought, yes I will do the Primitivo next time!!! But Covid came along…..
    If you don’t mind me asking your ages because I turned 70 this year and certainly feel the legs are feeling it.
    The Salvador will be quite strenuous and I admire you and look forward to your journey….. so Buen Camino 🎶👣

    1. Thank you so much, Loretta, and Buen Camino to you, too! I keep asking myself what we should do if we find the Camino San Salvador too difficult and imagine taking the bus over to the Frances. The infrastructure is so good and it’s possible to walk shorter distances if that’s what you need to do. Even walking the same route, it is always different: seasons, weather, people you meet, etc. Dave and I walked the Frances on my 70th birthday in 2015; Dave had his 77th birthday in Sahagun.

  2. Buen Camino, Judy and David,
    I can’t wait to follow along with you and reminisce on some of the places on the Camino Norte. And I’ll be very curious to hear your experience of the San Salvador route. Stay well and safe!!
    Toni and Larry

    1. It will be fun to share our journey with you both. Thanks for sharing your itinerary with us. We hope to stay at the Albergue Camino Norte in Figueras and the Albergue de peregrinos del Monasterio de Sobrado dos Monxes which you recommended. Thank you! 👣 👣

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