Day 2: Salinas to Muros de Nalon

Day 2: Salinas to Muros de Nalon

This was such a fabulous day! Two days ago I said that the Camino de San Salvador is our favourite Camino, but the Camino del Norte is going to be great, too. 

 We were like mice in a maze finding our way out of Salinas this morning. We went the wrong way which turned out to be a good thing. We came through a big town with three open bars to choose from for breakfast. If we had followed our Wise Pilgrim offline map as intended, we wouldn’t have had breakfast for at least another hour. The Camino provided because we went the wrong way! 🤣 

After breakfast a Spanish woman out for a walk became a Camino Angel leading us to the Camino. She knew no English (nada) and understood that we knew little Spanish. Nevertheless she chattered along non-stop, pointing the way as we walked. I did a lot of smiling and nodding. When we came to a steep hill ahead I said “Donde esta el ascensor?” which I hoped  meant “Where is the elevator?” I must have got it right because she laughed.

It was such a beautiful sunny day with a warm breeze. I kept saying to myself, “We’re walking in Spain, we’re walking in Spain” realizing we are actually here after walking Virtual Caminos for 19 months and after two cancellations. The fact that we are actually here hit me big time. Yeah!

For awhile we walked and talked with Ethan, a bearded young man with colourful tattoos from North Carolina. He is walking his first Camino without expectations, having read nothing at all about it beforehand. He is here because a buddy recommended it. He makes no reservations, so if no beds are available where he decides to stop, no big deal. He is fit and capable of walking on.

Then we met Carmen from the Netherlands who has been walking for 140 days from her home. She is also staying here at  Fali’s Albergue de Peregrinos in Muros de Nalon so we might find out more about her journey at the communal BBQ dinner tonight.

This is such a welcoming place to stay! Our hospitalero poured us lemonade and was delighted that Canadians – “his favourite peregrinos” – had arrived. He might say that to all the peregrinos, but it was still so nice to hear we Canadians have a good reputation.

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Salinas to Muros de Nalon

  1. Hi Judy – sounds and looks delightful. It is amazing the people from all walks of life you encounter along the way – such an adventure. Beautiful photos. Safe journey. Keep the blog goin😘

    1. It really is such an amazing adventure! We just finished having BBQ with people from the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal (or Brazil), Austria, Holland, etc. at least English is the common language. 😅

  2. Hello Judy,
    I hope you are continuing to have a wonderful time and adventure, and congratulations on achieving two milestones events! We will celebrate at the Spitfire!
    Hugs Florence

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