Day 5: Cadavedo to Luarca

Day 5: Cadavedo to Luarca

It seems like ages ago when we were complaining about the heat, but really it was just last week! What a relief it is to have cooler weather. This morning when we left Cadavedo the temperature was 18° and there was a breeze – perfect for hiking.

Yesterday the hospitalero at our hotel suggested we go out to Ermita Regalina to watch the sunset over the ocean. We didn’t go then, but headed out first thing this morning. The Ermitage with its beautiful setting is a “must see” at Cadavedo.

Today’s route took us through open farmland, small hamlets with distant ocean views. Fields of corn were ready for the picking. Cows were doing what they do, but always paid attention to passers-by like us.

It was late morning before we finally stopped for a bite to eat. Hooray! My  new Spanish friends were there. We got a photo together and said “Hasta la vista,” but who knows if we’ll ever see them again. That’s the way of the Camino.

In Barcia, a few kilometres before Luarca, we came to an interesting, almost abandoned Moorish graveyard. It contains the remains of the Muslims who fell in the Spanish Civil War. A sign was posted with this reminder: “Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat their mistakes.” (Paul Preston)

I Googled to find out about this graveyard and learned that there is a beautiful graveyard located on a  promontory overlooking the Cantabrian Sea here in Luarca. It’s first on tomorrow’s agenda!

Speaking of views, we don’t have one this evening. We are on the first floor of a hotel and on a busy street. We can watch cars and people’s heads bobbing as they pass by. Too funny! 🤣

8 thoughts on “Day 5: Cadavedo to Luarca

  1. Cada día espero sus interesantes blogs en su viaje de Camino. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para compartirlos con nosotros. Viaja segura y feliz a ambos

  2. Hola Judy & Dave. My favourite photo from today was the one of the Ermitage – hope you got the sunrise. The second fav was the one of your room at the hotel. Same wallpaper as in the bedroom of my very first home – similar brass headboard too. Brought back memories.
    So happy to hear you’ve left the heat behind you and continue to enjoy sunny, but cooler days.
    Bueno Camino.

    1. We did catch the sunrise from our hotel room. Before we got to the Ermitage. Wish I could have posted a photo of the inside of the Ermitage but it was upside down. 🙁 Our hotel rooms have had character, that’s for sure. It’s always interesting to see what’s inside these old buildings!

  3. We stayed in Luarca when we drove across northern Spain in 201O when I heard of the Camino de Santiago for the first time in my life. We went to the cemetery you are going to in the morning. Enjoy!! It was a lovely spot high above the town. Buen Camino as you travel onward.

    1. Oh yes, Rikke, the cemetery was beautiful. It was closed because of work going on. I can imagine it would be most beautiful in the late afternoon. It was shaded in the morning. To think that’s where you first heard about the Camino! 👍🏼

  4. Dear Dave and Judy,
    After a settling in period everything seems to be going well on your camino. Your enthusiasm and curiosity about the sights and sounds around you shine through your posts. I love that you are seniors pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As always you inspire me! Hugs, Laurel. PS: We are waiting for Hurricane Fiona to arrive.

    1. Yes, everything is going very well and we are making adjustments in our plans as needed. A spoiler for today’s post to come is that we (seniors) decided it was time to take a train part way. Delightful treat. And our room tonight …more “Gucci!” 😃

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