Day 6: Luarca to La Caridad

Day 6: Luarca to La Caridad

As planned, Dave and I walked up to the Cementario de Luarca first thing this morning. What a gorgeous setting for a cemetery! It is perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea. The sun was rising but the cemetery was in shadow and would be for quite a while. We could only imagine how gorgeous it would be with the white statuary lit by the sun contrasted by the blue of the ocean beyond.

We had no idea what we were going to do after going to the cemetery. Should we take two days to walk 31.1 km from Luarca to La Caridad as originally planned? No, because when we discovered that the twice-a-day train to Navia was due to arrive, we hoofed it up to the train station. Before we knew it we were in Navia, had an early lunch, and then set off walking to La Caridad. How quickly plans can change! 🤩

It was another gorgeous walk! The landscape we passed through was much the same as yesterday with rolling farmland, cows, cornfields, and distant ocean views. A lot of the corn was well past the “best before” date, but maybe they use the corn for purposes other than our dinner tables. 🤣 There is less eucalyptus, more pine trees, palms, and cactus.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks. Could it be that the ocean wasn’t flat? Dave saw it, too. Maybe what we were seeing was the curvature of the earth. Isn’t it amazing to think we are living on a ball? A few hundred years ago they would have put us in jail for suggesting such a thing!😳

Check out our digs tonight at Casa Xusto in La Caridad! We are totally spoiled and are going to be disappointed with anything less than a three-star hotel.

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