Day 7/8: La Caridad to Ribadeo

Day 7/8: La Caridad to Ribadeo

An odd thing happened two nights ago at our little hotel in La Caridad. I opened our second floor window and caught the attention of a pilgrim who was arriving. She assumed I was staff and asked in English, “I have a reservation. Am I too early?” I answered her with, “Llamar al teléfono de la puerta.” I’ve become so unaccustomed to hearing English, that I got my languages mixed up! What a surprise that was!

According to the Gronze website, the stage between La Caridad and Ribadeo is 22.4 km. Dave and I took every opportunity to walk coastal alternatives, so the distance was closer to 30 km. We took two days, stopping part way at Tapia de Casariego. I was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep in Tapia last night (twelve hours to be exact) so no blogging. Now it’s catch up time.

The ocean views have been stunning! Photos tell it better than words ever could.

Walking along the perfectly beautiful Playa de Penarronda this morning was amazing! We stopped at a cafe overlooking the beach for an early lunch and had an interesting conversation with 42-year-old Fernando. He is an expat from Argentina who has lived in Spain for twenty years. He loves Spain and said he doesn’t mind paying his taxes when they go toward excellent health care and education. He verified that injured pilgrims on the Camino are treated free of charge. We chatted for a good twenty minutes and got a selfie before he went down to the beach to surf.

We plodded through even more cornfields these past two days and watched how it is harvested with the use of two vehicles working in tandem. All the stalks and cobs are chopped  fine leaving six inches of stubble on the fields. Probably it is used as animal feed. We took a photo of what got spilled.

We are staying at the Hotel Mediante in Ribadeo for two nights so that we can visit the world famous Playa de las Catedrales tomorrow. Off to bed now. Ciao! Buenas noches!

8 thoughts on “Day 7/8: La Caridad to Ribadeo

  1. Oh my goodness, Judy! The views, the beaches are calling out to me! Incredible vista I didn’t realize Spain had.
    Cheers, Marnie

    1. Yes, Marnie! One incredible view of the ocean after another. For much of the walk we’ve been too far away away to see them. The most incredible one we’ll see today! Excited!

  2. Such a feast for the eyes! I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must be when you add in the sounds and smells.

    1. You are so right about those beaches being a feast for the eyes, Brenda. Wait til you see today’s beach – hard to believe the magnificence of it.

  3. I love your pictures of the beaches. I think that is what calls many to walk in northern Spain. I’m so glad you took time to sleep twelve hours; our bodies remind us what our minds sometimes fail to do, and sleep is a natural tonic. Also, it’s good to know about Spain’s healthcare system – thanks!

    1. These beaches are amazing, Carolyn. Tomorrow we leave the coast and head to the mountains and Santiago. That will be great, too, but we’ll miss the ocean.

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