Day 9: Day off at Cathedral Beach

Day 9: Day off at Cathedral Beach

Today we had a rest day and took the bus to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: As Catedrais Beach. It is located about ten kilometres west of where we are staying in Ribadeo. Such beauty! Unbelievable!

Access to the beach is free but a permit is required which we got from our hotel. The number of visitors is limited to about 5,000 people per day. We arrived early and it’s a good thing because people were lined up by the time we were leaving.

Tomorrow is a turning point on the Camino del Norte as we move away from the coast and head inland towards the mountains and Santiago de Compostela.

16 thoughts on “Day 9: Day off at Cathedral Beach

  1. OMG, Judy,
    That is gorgeous. We didn’t go there. We were totally drenched when we arrived in Ribadeo and all we could think about was drying out. Looks like we missed something incredible! Love your pictures.

    1. Thank you, Toni! I hope you get to that beach one day. I phoned the place you recommended in Lourenza but it is closed and got no response from the albergue just before Ribadeo that Larry liked. We would happily recommend all but one of the places we stayed. They’ve been great! (Secretly, though, I miss the cameraderie in albergues.)

  2. Sooo beautiful & you both look amazing – sun-kissed, full of vitality! Would love to visit that beach someday.
    Can you believe it’s been over two weeks of walking so far – keep on ‘keepin on’!


    1. Thank you, Maggie! It’s hard to believe we’ve only been walking for two weeks. It feels like a month! We are looking forward to getting back on the Camino trail tomorrow. We’ve got itchy feet.

  3. Thoroughly enjoying this walk with you, Judy and Dave.
    You are seeing some amazing sights – this beach among them. Too bad you have to leave the coast but you know you can see one every day once you are back home again.

  4. Beautiful interesting beach. The sand is so fine. You both look so energized. Glad you had a ‘passive’ day!
    Hugs. Denise

    1. Thank you, Denise. Very fine sand and clear water… I saw some shells in a cave and was going to check them out and stepped into a deep puddle that was totally invisible – so clear.

  5. Oh my gosh Judy – what an adventure you are both on – the scenery, the food, the people and particularly the sense of awe and accomplishment. Thanks for sharing that with us – it is amazing!!!!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying this, Kathryn. It’s going to be hard to choose our favourite Camino now. Each has had favourite days, wonderful people to meet, and views that take our breath away like yesterday’s beach. What will be remarkable about today’s adventure as we head toward Santiago? Hmmm… 🤔

  6. Wow that looks amazing as do the both of you. So happy on your Camino. I know the magic having just come back from Tofino.

    A day of rest goes a long way.
    Keep having a buen camino

    My accommodation at Casa Reano was pretty amazing. Highly recommend it. There is an incredibly delicious almond croissant available in town just down the road
    Love it !!!

    1. Yaaaay, Bon! Glad to hear you are enjoying Casa Reano! And almond croissants and Torino …life is good. Glad to hear it! 😊 A rest day is good but we are itching to get walking again today. 👣 👣

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