Day 10: Ribadeo to Lourenza

Day 10: Ribadeo to Lourenza

After a rest day yesterday in Ribadeo, Dave and I were glad to get back to the Camino trail – sort of like going home. Our packs were like old friends, feeling comfortable and snug against our backs.

We said goodbye to Ribadeo and the coast and headed into the mountains. Villages are fewer and farther apart now, so it’s important to plan ahead: where to eat and sleep and whether to carry food. The terrain plays an important part in planning how far to walk.

View from our window in Ribadeo this morning

If all went according to our original plan, we would have hiked 18 km and stayed in Villamartin Grande after a steep climb out of Ribadeo. Last night we found out the albergue there was “completo” (full) and we would have walked another 10 km to Lourenza when already exhausted. Our solution was to take a taxi part way – the steep part, naturally! 😃 

The day started with mixed sun and cloud, but rain began by the time the taxi driver let us off. We always love the opportunity to don our polka dot ponchos, though, something we haven’t done for almost two weeks.

After a short while the rain let up and the sun came out. The air was fresh, scented occasionally with eucalyptus or freshly mown hay and the foliage was especially vibrant because of the rain. It was such a beautiful walk.

Arriving in Lourenza

Our distance travelled today was 27.5 km, with a little help from a lovely taxi driver 😇. We are at Pension O Pedregal in Lourenza and looking forward to an easy walk tomorrow.

Creative way to dry the laundry 😃

2 thoughts on “Day 10: Ribadeo to Lourenza

  1. So enjoying this Camino with you two! I remember those beautiful faded Hydrangeas and ferns and the fresh smell after a rain.
    Thank for posting your travels. May your Buen Camino continue to be muy bueno!!

    1. Thank you, Janet. Isn’t it wonderful how these subtle experiences when walking through a country can stick in our memories so we can relive them. Slow tourism is good!

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