Day 12: Mondonedo to Abadin

Day 12: Mondonedo to Abadin

Today was yet another favourite day! Dave and I were undecided which of two routes between Mondonedo and Abadin we should take this morning. One route follows a paved road up and over the mountain for 15.7 km; the other is more challenging, more scenic, and more direct for 11.9 km. We decided on the shorter, more strenuous route and (WOW!) was it ever beautiful once we reached the top of a four kilometre climb – definitely well worth the effort!

Much of the route was uninhabited without even a cow to chat with. The cows were all waiting patiently at the top along with lots and lots of whirring windmills.

We found a perfect place near the top of the mountain to place special rocks we’d brought from home. Lorne and I were going through a health crisis in May and had no idea what the future held for us. Although we hoped for the best outcome, we had to be realistic and prepare for the worst. 

Lorne, Tania, Dave and I spent precious family time together and went for a walk at  Island View Beach while waiting for Lorne’s flight home. We each selected a rock that Dave and I would bring to the Camino and place somewhere along the Way.

We’ve carried these rocks for over 300 km and today we found the perfect place for them. There might be some significance in the fact that the view from this special place is looking back from where we came – that our health crises are behind us. 😊 

We made it to Abadin and settled in at the wonderful Albergue Xabarin. We practically inhaled the menu del dia at a nearby restaurant where something was lost in the translation. According to Google Translate we were expecting to have ”rooster” for lunch. Sure looks a lot like fish! 🤣 Now it’s siesta time, Spanish style. 💤 

6 thoughts on “Day 12: Mondonedo to Abadin

  1. Judy & Dave… these photos it looks like you’ve made it to the top of the world! So beautiful and what a perfect spot to leave your ‘precious stones’.
    The Albergue Zabarin looks like a lovely place to relax & unwind after such a hike. Not so sure about the fish though! Hugs in abundance.

  2. Judy and Dave. Lovely, meaningful day for you both. So enjoyed reading about today and about all your trip so far. Wonderful photos – and yes, definitely fish. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Sue, it really was a meaningful day. We are glad that is where our special rocks are and will always treasure this day and the effort to get to that place. Our jaws dropped when we saw our roosters! 😮

  3. I see what you mean. It looks so wonderful. Fortunately when you get home, I’m sure no one will force you to pick only one favourite day!

    1. Picking a least favourite day will be hard, too. 😊 It’s an adventure when every morning (like now) we wonder what memories will the day bring.

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