Day 13: Abadin to Vilalba

Day 13: Abadin to Vilalba

This morning we headed away from Abadin cocooned in our rain ponchos with hoods cinched up tight. No wonder Galicia is so green! It rains!

It was a pleasant walk in spite of the rain, passing by green meadows, groves of chestnut trees, and pastures with cows to chat with. Some had the smarts to seek shelter from the rain under trees, but not all.

We saw many more pilgrims today, including one who was packing up his soaking wet tent by a river. How DO you pack up a wet tent without getting everything else you are carrying wet? We didn’t stick around to find out and he didn’t appear to be in the mood for a chat.

The little bar in Castromaior was doing a rip-roaring business this morning with all the pilgrims who left Abadin taking a break from the rain. It was steamy, inviting, and positively humming! We had a brief but enjoyable meeting with Angela from Granada. We could have grown roots and talked longer except we all had kilometres to go before we sleep.

Some of the interesting sights included a beautiful wrought iron fence with a scallop shell pattern, an old bridge, and fences made of stone slabs. We saw similar fences on the Camino Primitivo, too, and wondered if they were left from the Roman times. We are still wondering.

We walked a total of twenty kilometres. In the morning Dave suggested that we imagine walking around the Victoria International Airport twice – a very familiar route. Every now and again we would imagine where we would be if we were walking around the airport: Fickle Fig Farm Market; Spitfire Grill; memorial to the lost airmen, etc. Somehow that familiar route didn’t seem as far as the distance from Abadin to Vilalba! 🤣 

What a shock to the system it was coming into busy Vilalba, a jumble of roads with big trucks, and a confusing overpass. Thanks to Google Maps we easily found our hotel, ate, shopped, showered, and are about to say good night. We need our beauty sleep for walking another twenty kilometres cocooned in our rain ponchos again tomorrow.

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