Day 14: Vilalba to A Pobra de Parga

Day 14: Vilalba to A Pobra de Parga

This was one of those days that got  better and better as it went on – weather wise and otherwise. We were grateful to our first Camino Angel this morning for helping us find our way to the bus depot in Vilalba. We hoofed it to the bus depot with little time to spare and within half an hour we were enjoying our first cafe con leche of the day in a bright and friendly bar in Baamonde. 

We decided to take transport, partly because of the rain, partly to ensure we would arrive in Santiago by October 5th, and partly because we wanted to stay in A Pobra De Parga, 7.5 km beyond Baamonde.

We got an extra stamp (sello) for our pilgrim passports (credenciales) at the bar. Two stamps a day are needed when you are within 100 km of Santiago in order to qualify for a Compostela and Baamonde is exactly 100.459 km away.

What a beautiful walk it was from Baamonde to A Pobra De Parga with the highlights being the river Parga, the Santo Alberto chapel, and quiet, shaded trails with moss covered stone fences.

PargaNatura where we are staying is charming and so is the little village of A Pobra De Parga. We met our second Camino Angel at the only restaurant in town. The kitchen was closed but she took pity on us and cooked us eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes served with a basket of bread. Breakfast is good any time of day and in the middle of the afternoon you can have it with cerveza!

Memories are made of having a home cooked Galician meal with folks from England, Mexico, Slovenia, and the USA. Seamus from London said he identifies us as the pilgrims with the polka dot rain ponchos. The problem is that if it stops raining, he might not recognize us!

We expect to see our new friends along the trail to Sobrado tomorrow – a long 24 kilometre trek to the highest point of the Camino del Norte. โ€œMexicoโ€ assured it is a gradual climb.

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  1. Oh my goodness – seems like you receive warm, friendly hospitality everywhere you go – must be part of the journey. Great pictures – thanks for those. Wishing you luck and good fortune along your way.

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