Day 4: Saugue to Le Sauvage

Day 4: Saugue to Le Sauvage

September 4: What a day! The scenery was gorgeous again but what stands out most is about getting lost.🤩 Can you believe we went six kilometres out of our way? That’s what can happen when you’re hot and in need of a cold drink. Going off trail to get it was our first mistake! We met Josie and Richard from Montreal who needed a cold drink, too. We sat on a patio cooling off, chatting, and we headed off together feeling refreshed with Josie and Richard in the lead. 

Richard was studying his phone to get directions, so I didn’t bother checking my Wise Pilgrim offline map. He seemed to know where to go so we followed. I recall my boss forty years ago telling me, “Never assume anything!” I wish we had followed his advice today. We added six kilometres to what would have been an easy 19 kilometre day – undulating hills with no extreme inclines. But those extra kilometres were steep, hot, and unnecessary. 

It was funny to see the confused looks on the faces of a group of hikers and pilgrims when we were coming up the road toward  the trail from the “wrong” direction! They stopped dead in their tracks, looking like deer in the headlights, wanting an explanation. 🤣 Josie and Richard gave it in fluent French.

There was still another five kilometres to go to reach Le Sauvage and we were exhausted. I suggested to Dave that we sit somewhere to get our wind back but he didn’t want to lose his momentum. He was right because sometimes if you take a rest after walking twenty kilometres, it’s hard to get going again. “Ultreia!”

We are in a six person dormitory tonight – five ladies and Dave. 🤣 Soon the lights will be switched off and we’ll have a good night’s sleep after a fantastic dinner …Oh my, that delicious cheese. 😋 🧀 Do you know there are more than 1,500 kinds of cheese made in France? 

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  1. Oh nooo! Six kms is a long way out of your way. Hope the yummy cheese (and wine?) helped at the end of all that! 🙂

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