Day 7: Les Quatre Chemins to Aubrac

Day 7: Les Quatre Chemins to Aubrac

How can each day be more scenic than the day before? It’s true! There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the beautiful and unique landscape between Les Quatre-Chemins and Aubrac. Cows were grazing in extensive meadows with just small villages, chapels, crosses, and stone walls all along the way. Huge stones dotted the landscape as a result of glacial radicals deposited thousands of years ago.

Another thing they have here are footprint toilets.🤪 Interesting! We avoided using the first one but not the second since there seemed to be no alternative. We did okay in spite of our lack of experience, but what we couldn’t figure out was the reason for the chair?!

By the time we reached Nasbinals close to noon, we were starting to run out of steam. Full sun and rising temperatures didn’t help. We liked Nasbinals and would have stayed there except we had a reservation at La Colonie in Aubrac. We wanted to find out from the tourist office in Nasbinals about  bus schedules or taking a taxi, but the woman there was quite adamant when she said, “If you have to skip a section, don’t skip this section!” She stressed how gorgeous it is and that it is a World Heritage Site!!! So we took her advice and walked on after grabbing a bite to eat and buying lots of water. Ultreia!  

Although the scenery was spectacular, we would have appreciated it better if we’d hiked it in smaller chunks. We were on our feet for eight hours and walked more than 26 kilometres. We should have kept to our preferred 18 kilometre a day average. Over every hill and around every curve in the trail for the last five kilometres, we hoped to see Aubrac, our final destination for the day. Occasionally we’d see another hiker far off in the distance and feel dismayed that we had to walk at least that much further. How can you fully appreciate what you’re seeing when you are feeling that way?

We are tweaking tomorrow’s plan so we don’t make the same mistake again. It will be a beautiful 16 kilometre day. Our feet will be so happy. 👣 👣 😃


6 thoughts on “Day 7: Les Quatre Chemins to Aubrac

  1. Gorgeous scenery! Wow! I think this will need to be on my bucket list. I can understand that feeling of hoping for the end when you’re tired (regardless of beautiful scenery). It was like that for me in Banff when the sign said 8km but unbenownst to me that was only the distance to the summit. Hmmm…reason for the chair…because of feeling light headed or leg cramps after having to crouch? Haha!!

    1. That’s so funny about the leg cramps after doing the crouch! 🤣 Those last 5 kilometres always seem far too long! “When are we going to BE there!” You have to walk the Via Podiensis, Tania, even if it’s just to see the Aubrac Plateau. ❤️

      1. Yes, absolutely on my bucket list now that I’m experiencing the Le Puy route through you and Dad! Looks and sounds wonderful!

  2. I think the chair is for balance or so that you have a place to put all the clothes that you have to rearrange to use the footsteps.

  3. Oh Judy,

    Your description about the footprint toilets puzzled me until I looked at the photo. It truly made me chuckle. During my twenties, I stayed with my American girl friends at the University of Pau in southern France, after traveling with them around Europe and before landing at my destination in Freiburg, Germany to study. After using the dining commons there for the first time, we needed to find a bathroom, which was a separate building from the commons. When we walked in it looked exactly like your photo, sans the chair. They were like shower stalls with a flimsy curtain for privacy, and I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. It must be a southern France thing??? Thanks for jogging this long, but never forgotten memory. Ultreia! I’ve always thought if I could do that Camino route, I’d start in Pau, for old times’ sake.

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