Day 9: Saint-Come-d’Olt to Estaing

Day 9: Saint-Come-d’Olt to Estaing

Oh how we love France! Three hours ago Dave and I were at an outdoor patio drinking what I imagined to be mead but was actually beer. It must have gone straight to our heads since we hadn’t yet eaten. What a perfect state to be in for people watching. Believe it or not, the people passing by were knights in shining armour, their ladies, jesters, wenches, scoundrels, and pilgrims. Dave said he thinks he could live here! 🤣 

We did finally put some food into our bellies. One of our goals was to eat French fries in France. Tonight at the market we had “pommes de terre frites” served in a newspaper that tells about the history of French fries. It seems that French-speaking Canada is worthy of mention when it comes to eating them. Good to know!

The timing of our arrival in Estaing couldn’t have been better, being that their annual medieval festival was going on. Even without a festival, Estaing is a great place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful towns on the Camino situated on a bend in the Lot River. A vaulted arch bridge built in the 16th century crosses the river and a castle sits in a prominent place within the village near the church.

We were able to make the most of our visit to Estaing today by arriving in mid-morning by bus. It is our first day “off the Camino” since we started walking. We needed a rest day, but now I can’t wait to get back on the trail tomorrow. I’m not sure Dave feels the same so soon after saying he’d like to live here.

The sad part about making friends on the Camino is that they come and go. You may see them for a day or two or more and then not see them again. Tonight we ran into Josie and Richard, the Canadians from Quebec who we got lost with on Day 4. We missed seeing Marie-France who was with us every day since Day 1, but we met Marie-Josie yesterday who is also staying at Gîte et Chambre d’hôtes Les Pieds here in Estaing. It seems like a full house here tonight judging by the number of boots and backpacks downstairs. We give this place and the hospitalera two thumbs up! 👍 👍

Tomorrow was originally going to be a 20 kilometre day but the temperature is supposed to rise to 34C, two degrees hotter than today. It is tempting to use the Compostel’ bus for part of the way now that we know how well the bus service works. 

Hôtellerie du Couvent de Malet (Malet Convent) in Saint-Côme-d’Olt
The beautiful Church of Saint Fleuret in Estaing was built in the 15th and 16th centuries in a flamboyant Gothic style

21 thoughts on “Day 9: Saint-Come-d’Olt to Estaing

  1. Love these posts! You are having a time! These remarks coming to you from Calgary after a day in the mountains! A hike around Lake Minnewanka and lunch in Banff. Did not see any knights in shining armour! 😎

    1. Being in the mountains and lakes around Banff is fabulous, Marjorie. There may be no castles but there is Castle Mountain. Enjoy! I’m glad you are enjoying these posts. I try to dictate to a notepad as we go, so when Dave said he’d like to live here it ended up in black and white immediately. 🤣

  2. Wow! First of all the incredible photos you are talking and secondly, the amazing things you are doing and the people along the way. I almost agree with David, it’s a place I could easily stay/ live in as it’s so beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Marnie! This morning in Estaing I asked someone in my limited French where the bank machine is. She had moved here from Norway. She must have felt like you and Dave that it is liveable.

  3. What fun and what beauty Judy. It appears you and Dave are really having the time of your lives. Lovely to share it with you in a small way.
    Stay well.

    1. It is fun sharing all of it with you, Kathryn! There’s never been a dull moment, that’s for sure. Can you believe it’s been exactly eight years ago today we started walking our first Camino and got addicted?

  4. Happy birthday my dear friend.
    So great you are doing what you love and taking us with you.
    Celebrating you especially today
    And always ready for fun.
    Sending love

    1. Thank you so much dearest Bonnie for remembering. We are about to celebrate I think. The hospitalero here seems to know it’s my birthday. Hmmm…🎉 😬 🍷

    1. Yes, we were so lucky catching the festival. Originally we were going to be there on Friday – the day before the festival started. We would have missed so much!

  5. Judy, What a perfect day to spend your birthday in Estaing with celebrations all around you.
    Hope you had some of that delicious looking ‘chicken on a spit’…..or was it something else?
    Love following you along your remarkable journey.

  6. Happy Birthday Judy! Hope you’re having a great day and maybe another day ‘off the trail’ to relax & celebrate!

    1. Thanks so much, Maggie! Taking buses is like a day off the trail. We are figuring out how to catch the next bus since it’s such a boiler outside right now in Conques. 🥵

  7. So, Birthday wishes are in order ! You won’t forget this one. I think this might be your favourite Camino, France is special in so many ways. Take it easy in the heat, though . I don’t follow every day but check in frequently.

  8. Happy Birthday Judy!
    Wishing you health, happiness,
    and prosperity with many more great adventures!
    Secret to a long life –
    Plan de vida (why I wake up in the

  9. Hi Judy and Dave,
    I have been enjoying your posts and the beautiful pictures. Looks like an amazing trip so far. What a wonderful place to celebrate your birthday. Joyeux anniversaire!!!

    1. Hi Robert! From Monistrol! That was quite a climb down, wasn’t it? Tomorrow’s climb up again wasn’t as hard as we expected. Make sure you stop and get “bread from the mountain” from the man with the wheel barrow. It’s good.

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