Day 11: Le Soulie to Conques

Day 11: Le Soulie to Conques

September 11: There was a spring in our step when we headed out this morning before eight from Le Soulie. We were walking to Conques, another fairytale village and major highlight on the Via Podiensis. It was sunny but with a little more cloud cover than we’ve had in recent days. We were hoping it wouldn’t be too hot again, but at least we only had 15 km to go.

We went through some lovely little villages on the way. There were overflowing flower pots, open churches and cafes, and one rambunctious donkey who put on a show. Who knew they could spit!? We felt a couple of drops of rain, but they didn’t amount to anything.

We’ve noticed many depictions of Saint Roch. He is usually shown holding a clapper to warn people of his approach and revealing a sore on his thigh that’s indicative of the plague. At his side is the loyal dog that helped nurse him back to health by bringing him bread and licking his sores. Saint Roch was reputed to have performed many miracles of healing throughout his life. 

There was a steep, half-hour descent into Conques. Words can’t describe what an amazing village it is, so I wont. We are staying right behind the abbey at the big Accueil Abbaye de Sainte-Foy facility. Our private room with bath is pretty nice with a window facing the abbey. 

Supposedly a lightening/thunder storm is predicted for tonight and tomorrow but it is clear and 22C at 10 PM. We’re off to bed! Tomorrow is another day.

Leaving Le Soulie
Arriving in Conques
View from our window at Accueil Abbaye de Sainte-Foy in Conques

6 thoughts on “Day 11: Le Soulie to Conques

  1. Hi Judy & Dave. Again ‘belated’ Happy Birthday to you Judy and sounds like you
    celebrated in style with cake and music and with new friends. I love the story about the donkey who ‘spits’ and the friendly cows although the one with the horns doesn’t look so friendly!
    Conques does indeed look like a fairytale village and hope you have more pics to share of it when you return.
    Big hugs for your birthday!

    1. About that donkey, Maggie, I felt the spray but wasn’t sure where it was coming from – his mouth or his nose. It was kind of gross in any case. 🤢

  2. Hello Judy & Dave
    I lost you for a few days ( don’t know how) but Pat has helped me reconnect. So Happy Birthday Judy, … a few days late. Sound as if you enjoyed a beautiful day.
    I’m loving your story and gorgeous pictures.
    Happy Travels.

    1. Hi Sandy, I’m so glad you found your way back and that you’re enjoying our journey. It’s breakfast time now and who knows what lies ahead other than our first rainfall. 🌧️ 😬

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