Day 13: Decazeville to Saint-Felix

Day 13: Decazeville to Saint-Felix

It rained overnight and it looked like more rain was on the way when we left Decazeville this morning. It held off for the first five kilometres, then it  was “poncho-on-poncho-off” for much of our 21 kilometre walk to Saint-Felix. There was sunshine, distant thunder, downpours, sunshine, sprinkles, and more sunshine – a little bit of everything. Sometimes it was hard to tell if the raindrops were coming from the sky or from trees overhead. It was cool the whole way – a perfect temperature for a five, six, or seven hour walk. We really have nothing to complain about, because this is the first day of rain in almost two weeks.

There was a steep decline into Decazeville yesterday so naturally there was a steep ascent leaving the city this morning. The same thing happened hiking into and out of Livinhac-en-Haut. The ups and downs weren’t nearly as dramatic as the climb out of Conques yesterday and that was a doozie! The views before the rain started were lovely with wispy, low-lying cloud drifting about. There wasn’t much on our walk that attracted a lot of attention today other than the weather and the Chapel of Guirande which was built in the 12th and 13th centuries. We could have spent more time learning about the meanings behind the paintings on the ceiling but wanted to reach our destination sooner rather than later.

Last week I had to backtrack because I left my hiking poles at a cafe. Today it was Dave’s turn. He left his hat back at the cafe where we stopped for coffee adding three kilometres to his 21 kilometre day. What a bummer! 🙁

We are staying at Gite Chez Thierry Denecker In Saint-Felix tonight. It will be our host’s last season after hosting pilgrims/travellers 24/7 for six months a year for ten hard-working years. (Someone translated what he said at dinner last night and hopes she got this right.)

The Lot River that runs through Livinhac-en-Haut
Chapel of Guirande built in the 12th and 13th centuries

10 thoughts on “Day 13: Decazeville to Saint-Felix

  1. I love the stained glass Mother and Child.
    Sorry to hear rain fell on your parade today.
    Continued wishes for good weather and good walking!


    1. Hi Carolyn. Yes, wasn’t that a gorgeous window of mother and child? There is so much to see but that window caught my eye. So simple, yet so beautiful.

  2. I am reliving so many parts of my walk through your photos. I think this Chemin St Jacques was one of the loveliest walks I have ever done. I walked with a tent( very light) as we camped some of the time as well as Gîtes and other accommodation. Beautiful interesting towns and some very interesting chapels. I have a similar photo of this one! Not many pilgrims either. Enjoy and hope weather picks up again.

  3. You are certainly seeing some beautiful countryside and historic sites! I’m guessing many non-walking travellers miss seeing most of them. Thanks again for taking us along virtually. Hope you had a memorable birthday, Judy!

    1. Thanks, Diane. I’m sure travellers don’t see and experience what the walkers see so it’s definitely worth the effort. Our day of rain is followed by sunshine ☀️ but also higher temperatures are coming back 🥵 . Stay tuned because we are going to be going through “impossibly beautiful” scenery in the Cele Valley starting on Friday!

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