Day 14: Saint-Felix to Beduer

Day 14: Saint-Felix to Beduer

Today Dave found another place he would like to live. On Day 9 it was Estaing and now it’s the picturesque village of Faycelles that clings to a cliff, has unique architecture, and a population of only 680. Maybe there’s room for two more? 

We went through Faycelles this afternoon but we began the day in Saint-Felix thinking of walking 21 km without spending any time in Figeac. People we’ve spoken with along the way said it would be a shame to miss seeing Figeac. Our host kindly offered to drive us there, giving us two or three hours to explore before walking 12 kilometres to Beduer where we are tonight. The historical section of the city was fascinating, particularly the replica of the Rosetta Stone and the 13th century Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pitié.

By the time we tackled the steep climb out of Figeac, the morning fog had lifted, the sun came out, and the temperature was rising. We thank our lucky stars it wasn’t raining like yesterday, because the scenery was gorgeous and so were the cloud formations. Maybe this is a prelude to walking the Cele Valley variant, but it is hard to imagine scenery being any more beautiful than what we experienced today.

We love where we are staying tonight – Chambres d’hôtes La Coquille in Beduer. We share the bottom floor of a two- story cottage with two ladies from Mauritius and Australia. Our hostess Jackie is delightful – a British expat who moved here thirty years ago. I told her how much we love it here and said Dave wants to live here. She understands completely. 😊 

Rosetta Stone replica in Figeac
13th century Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pitié in Figeac
Faycelles, one of the places Dave would like to live. 😃
Beduer, the start of the Cele Valley variant

6 thoughts on “Day 14: Saint-Felix to Beduer

    1. Oh yes, Marjorie! We are in Heaven so it’s hard to believe it’s about to become more Heavenly walking the Cele Valley for the next six days. 🥰

  1. This is all so lovely. We walked on from
    Figeac to Gréalou where we stayed at the most delightful Gîte Les Volets Bleu run by Esther an hospitalaria extraordinaire. A place of such friendliness and colour. Highly recommended.

  2. Hi Judy & Dave. I don’t think you can beat these towns for beauty and historic significance.
    Definitely putting them on our ‘bucket list’ which we hope to start working on next year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.
    Luv you guys,

    1. Hi Maggie! We have a long list of places to recommend when you get working on your bucket list. Planning a trip is so fun and we can help you and Gary! Luv you too! 🥰

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