Day 21: Cahors to Lascabanes

Day 21: Cahors to Lascabanes

Jacques at Le Deuxieme Soufflé took very good care of us this morning, making sure we knew the route out of Cahors. He assured us that the steepest hill would be at the start when leaving the city and that the rest of the day would be bearable. It was! 

The cool 19C temperature certainly helped. There was much more cloud cover than in recent days but a weak sun peaked through in the morning now and then. It looked like it would rain in the afternoon but thankfully it held off until we reached our destination.

We had no fear of getting lost like we did a couple of days ago. Now that we are back on the main route (GR65), we can once again follow our reliable Wise Pilgrim offline map or simply follow other pilgrims on the trail. We haven’t seen so many other pilgrims since we left Le Puy on September 1st!

Our day consisted of listening to a myriad of tweeting birds in the morning, chatting with Canadians and Australians, enjoying the countryside as we made our way along a mix of trails and roads, and one big field of the brownest sunflowers we’ve ever seen.

We are staying tonight at “The Nest of Angels” in Lascabanes. We’ve showered, washed our clothes, and are now sitting downstairs where the wi-fi is strong, smelling what promises to be a delicious dinner. Yum! 😋 

Leaving Cahors

6 thoughts on “Day 21: Cahors to Lascabanes

  1. Hi Judy and Dave,
    Wow already 3 weeks since you left Le Puy! Such a treat to receive your post every day. You’re both such an inspiration. Soon you will be in SJPP! Keep enjoying and many thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Hi Murielle! It’s fun sharing the journey and keeping our journal this way. We’d never remember it all, otherwise. September 1st when we started seems like a long time ago. 😮

  2. Nothing like a shower and clean clothes. Enjoying it all with you.
    MMMMMM I can smell deliciousness coming from the kitchen
    Having a wonderful vicarious time… love you are walking the hills
    I’m with you every step except when I’m on my bike. Yessss.
    Love ya

    1. Hey, Bon! The food is wonderful so will have to look up French recipes when at home. That night we had “Rocamadour” which had pastry stuffed with spinach and eggs while sitting at a long table in the church’s big old cellar with arched ceiling and thick walls. Amazing! Have fun on your bike. 🚴

  3. So you also have the brown sunflowers 🙂. Isn’t it the best feeling when you arrive to remove your shoes and take a nice shower! Then relax and think of the day, and maybe the next..
    What an adventure!

    1. I love that feeling after a long day walking and missed that feeling today because we stayed in Moissac. Can’t wait to get back on the trail tomorrow. 👣 👣

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