Day 23: Lauzerte to Moissac

Day 23: Lauzerte to Moissac

No wonder Lauzerte is listed among the most beautiful villages of France! It is a medieval village founded in 1241 perched on a hilltop with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The Main Street is lined with merchants’ houses dating from the 13th and 14th century. Old stone and timber-framed houses are adorned with metal art and flowers. Because it was market day, the central square was buzzing. 

It was interesting to know that the ages of the buildings can be determined by the shapes of the windows. The history of the old convent was interesting, too. It was founded in 1623 with the king’s consent. It housed about twenty nuns made up of “local upper class girls attracted to a life of prayer or forced by fathers, unwilling to pay a dowry, inconsolable widows, and wives avoiding their husbands. They were able to open a school for girls from rich families.”

We loved having the entire  morning to wander these fascinating streets while waiting to catch a ride with La Malle Postale. That is the luggage transfer service we are using to send one duffel bag full of things we don’t need during the day. They will transfer people along with their luggage, too. It worked well for us after our gruelling 26 kilometre hike yesterday. We needed a day off but also needed to keep to our schedule.

Now we are in Moissac at Gîte et chambre d’hôtes Ultreia. More on that tomorrow as we have the whole day to explore and gear up for Monday when we hit the trail again.

Saying ‘good-bye’ to Nicholle at Gîte d’étape L’Abeille Lulu in Lauzerte
View from the top of the village of Lauzerte
Saint Jacques in the church Saint Barthélemy in Lauzerte

8 thoughts on “Day 23: Lauzerte to Moissac

  1. Hi J & D, impressive km’s you two have managed to stride through!! Beautiful pictures ! Wonderful you have shared your adventures with us readers with more to come .

  2. Beautiful Judy – and what a lot of history tied into your trip. It really is an experience of a lifetime – on so many levels.
    Stay well – thanks for the bringing us all along with you guys.

    1. We’re so glad you are with us on this journey – definitely an experience of a lifetime! “What will this day be like …I wonder.”🎶 🎵 😊

  3. Hi Judy & Dave. Lovely to hear you have a day ‘off the trail’ to relax and explore this historic village. Looks stunning and well worth a day’s ‘poking around’. You’re photos make it appear magical!
    Missing you and hope you’re journey continues to be full of surprises.
    Maggie & Gary

    1. Hi Maggie! There are many surprises. This morning’s surprise was that we wish we were walking instead of taking a day off. It was tough watching others get back on the trail and leaving us behind. 😞 Oh, but another group of pilgrims will be at dinner tonight. 😃

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