Day 33: Nogaro to Arblade-le-Bas

Day 33: Nogaro to Arblade-le-Bas

There were no big highlights today on our walk from Nogaro to Arblade-le-Bas, but a mix of everything we’ve already seen except for a couple of humungous mushrooms. There were more orange slugs, choruses of birds, corn fields as far as the eye could see, and grapevines. Some were even loaded with grapes but they were green, seedy, and sour – a late variety maybe? When we were walking through a forested area, I heard the crackle of a branch and the thought of wild boars sprang to my head. My only means of self defence (my hiking poles) were ready in case of an attack, but nothing leapt out of the forest. 😥

After many days of sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures, today was cloudy with a high temperature of 24 degrees. The cooler temperatures put a spring in our step because we arrived in Arblade-le-Bas just past 1 PM. We were glad Helen, our kind host at Maison d’hotes Belardine, allowed us to come in two hours early, because there were no shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, or grocery stores to mosey around in.

But we love our room and Helen, our host. She kindly offered to wash all our clothes which we are delighted about. It will be the second time in five weeks that our clothes have been machine washed. What a difference!

We had enough snacks to tide us over until 7 PM dinner when George from Luxembourg will join us. His wife is in hospital after falling in the bathroom yesterday and breaking her leg quite badly. Such a sad and abrupt conclusion to their Camino! Dave just came back to our room and announced that dinner is almost ready but the dog might have buried the Parmesan cheese in the backyard! 🤣

6 thoughts on “Day 33: Nogaro to Arblade-le-Bas

    1. I can’t imagine a dog who would bury it rather than gobble it down. Seems like there’s a story there!

  1. Hahaha!! I’m picturing the dog burying the parmesan in the backyard. That’s so funny! 🐶🧀

    Loving the posts! They are my coffee time entertainment. Looks and sounds amazing over there!

    1. Hi Tania! Buddy never buried the Parmesan cheese, right? We’re glad you are loving the posts. So many great memories of almost five weeks on the Chemin.

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